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Put Together a Winning Team

As a busy employer, recruitment can be challenging. It takes lots of time to sort through resumes and find top candidates - but luckily, you can simplify the recruiting process with job consultancy services from McAndrew Search Group, a staffing agency based in Peosta, IA.

You can expect advanced recruiting services from our experienced professionals.
We can help you fill a single position or multiple openings, and we have a number of resources available to identify talented candidates who can help your business grow.

Our Process


We will sit down with the Hiring Managers and Human Resources Managers to learn more about your company, your employees, and it's culture. We will ask you specific questions about the opening(s) you have and find out what the perfect candidate would look like for you. We will work with you in putting together a search plan that fits your timeframe and allows us to attract the best candidates possible.


After finding out more about your company and the specific qualifications and skill sets you are looking for our staff will start an extensive search process that will utilize the many resources and contacts we have in our network. Many times top talent is not actively looking for a new opportunity, so we are proactive and try to reach as many passive candidates that may not be looking in addition to candidates looking to provide you the best talent pool possible. After finding top talent we will screen them extensively based on the criteria you are looking for and we will only present the candidates we feel are a close match for what you are looking for. We will not flood hiring managers with resumes to review - we are very selective in who we send in order to make your jobs easier.


We have a vested interest in making sure our candidates are successful once they have been made an offer. We coach them through the hiring process, including their resignation from their current employer. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to their new position.

Our goal is to make your job easier

Looking for ways to simplify your job as an employer? Recruitment services are just a phone call away. When you arrange for recruiting services from McAndrew Search Group, we'll start with a consultation to discuss:

  • Your timeline and goals
  • The background and workplace culture of your company
  • The skills and qualifications required for the position

Call 563-590-1979 now to arrange for job consultancy services.